2021 Trends in Carpet Colors

Trends in carpet colors are very different than any additional surface. Hard surfaces are about natural wood appearances; therefore, the options for color feel limited. Carpet color trends are the exact opposite. You can expect to see bold, bright colors, subdued, cool blues, and all things gray.

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Bold Carpet Shades

carpet color trends

Oranges, jewel tones, multi-colored carpets and rugs, and purples are sprouting up all over the place. Right now, maximalism is in; therefore, your carpet may make a splash!

Even though at one point, floors were meant to be a neutral backdrop for the remainder of your space, homeowners, especially the younger demographic, are turning this idea on its head and exploring the concept of incorporating carpeting into their design instead of designing around it.

Blue Carpeting

blue carpeting

Blue is an excellent transition out of the normalcy of neutral carpeting with sufficient subtlety that appeals to several demographics. It’ll work perfectly with gray decor (now trending) and is neutral enough to not pigeonhole you within a single concept of design.

Gray Carpeting

gray carpeting

Gray quickly has become the most sought-after trend, and not just for floors, but for houses in general. Gray doors, gray cabinetry, you name it. Plus all shades of gray are still trendy and hot in the house. For your decor and floors.

Even better? If you try gray, when you pick carpet colors, it’s possible to select virtually any hue and still be in style. Even, at one time, out-of-date dark gray carpets are making their comeback.

Besides looking trendy and chic, gray carpeting sets the tone of a contemporary, cool space. It’ll give you a neutral background for decorating in pretty much any color. Greens, aquas, bold, bright colors or even white and black – all go well with sleek gray carpets.

Multi-Color Carpeting

multi-color carpeting

In trends with carpet runners and trends in area rugs in particular, you’ll see bold, bright colors. Whether you are searching for an area rug for your kids’ bedroom or going the maximalist path for decor, multi-color area rugs may provide your flooring an eye-catching statement.

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