residential cleaningWhile no one likes cleaning their home, it has to be done at some point or another. The thing is you might be making things worse for yourself than what they need to be. Essentially, what might have been a simple cleanup turns into a major disaster because of your own negligence. Check out a few of the things below for what you might not know about residential cleaning.

You’re making the mess worse.

When you take your food into the living room or bring items from one room to the next without ever taking them back where they belong, you are simply making your house messy and creating more work. While these things might seem like no big deal, they are actually creating more of a mess and clutter than you realize. All of those small spaces become cluttered with useless items and your home turns into a pigsty.

You’re fostering dirt production.

When you come home at the end of the day, do your shoes stay at the door or do they travel everywhere inside with you? Are your windows wide open when the next door neighbors are in the middle of their construction project? Sure, your home is bound to get dirty, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it worse than what it needs to be.

You’re using the wrong cleaning products.

Not all cleaning products are created equal. Try to find ones that are the most effective for the job at hand. Invest in durable tools, not something cheap that is going to fall apart on you in just a couple minutes. If you know you are more prone to vacuuming than you are sweeping the floors, there is no need to spend money on a big broom and dustpan that will never be used. Reading directions matters when using cleaning products. Otherwise, you ruin counters, floors, appliances and bathtubs.

You’re inefficient.

How much time do you spend pacing around your home and forgetting one thing after another? Do you put a plate on the counter only to walk somewhere else to do something and go back to the plate to throw it in the trash less than a foot away? You are wasting your time and energy when you don’t need to. Tackle one project at a time. Stop getting distracted and repeating steps that aren’t necessary.

You’re operating on your own time.

The one thing that makes cleaning the absolute worst is not having a schedule to get it done. You spend more time messing around than you do getting things done. Find a schedule that is going to work for you and your needs and stick with it.

You’re making it a chore.

Just because you are cleaning your house, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Turn on the television, crank up the tunes, whatever it takes to make time fly. Combining a couple things together makes the task more enjoyable.

Residential cleaning services can come in and take care of your deep cleaning needs quickly and easily. However, that doesn’t mean you should let things go between cleanings. It’s up to you to do your part in the meantime and keep things in top shape. Don’t make one of the mistakes above.