Pets, Kids and Your Carpet

kid playing with dog

Everybody knows extra wear, accidents, and spills can take a toll on carpeting, and it’s especially a fact in households that have pets and kids. Whether the culprit has 2 legs or 4 legs, below we list some tips on which carpet materials hold up better and how you can keep your carpet looking fantastic.…

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Ways to Protect Your Carpeting from Winter’s Worst

carpet vacuum cleaning

There isn’t any denying it – the winter season can wreak havoc on your carpet. With winter weather comes ice and snow. And with ice and snow comes mud and salt, which is a nightmare on your carpeting. Clean Pros is a trusted company that offers carpet cleaning services. To avail our service, call us…

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Why Have a Professional Clean Your Commercial Carpets?

carpet cleaning equipment

If your business has carpet, chances are your customers see it.  If they see it, they will be judging you and your business by the quality of the clean carpets.  This is why you need to hire Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning for your commercial business.  Here are a few reasons why. Longer carpet life –…

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More To Water Damage Than You May Think

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No one wants to deal with water damage.  The very thought is often enough to send most into eye rolls and fear of what may be.  It is a fact, however, that water damage does happen.  If it happens to you, contact us at Clean Pros Carpet Care for the best water removal and recovery…

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