Carpet Cleaning: A Deeper Look

Knoxville fast carpet cleaning serviceMany are not sure what happens before, during and after a thorough carpet cleaning, so this blog will address those questions. Remember – we are always ready and willing to take any questions you may have about carpet and carpet cleaning. Just let us know!

All carpet cleaning starts with an estimate. We come to the residence and visually inspect your carpet. We are looking for spots, conditions and issues. We also ask about chemicals for personal and sensitivities. All special care spots will be noted.

Your residential vacuum cleaner is perfect for regular cleaning, but for a professional cleaning, it is not adequate. Our commercial cleaning equipment and vacuum get the loose dirt and debris a home vacuum cannot. The more we can pull from the subfloor means the better ultimate cleaning.

Soil and debris lie very close to the subfloor, and this requires treatment to pull it up and out. Preconditioning in conjunction with water treatment is key in order to achieve the optimal results.

The hot water system of our professional equipment blasts a jet of water into the carpet that breaks up the remaining soil and debris before sucking it back into the containment system in our vans.

Areas under furniture are particularly prone to dirt and dust. We will move furniture out of the way to clean. The furniture will be returned to its same location when we are finished. Breakables and plants should be moved before we come. Certain items, such as pianos and electronics, will remain since these items generally require trained professionals to handle them.

The last thing that we will do is leave your carpet in neat and uniform appearance. This means the traffic patterns that are normally found in carpet. Moving furniture on a regular basis actually helps prevent traffic spots.

We at Clean Pros Carpet Care look forward to helping you with your carpet and carpet cleaning. If your carpet is looking rough, has spots or you are looking to sell, cleaning carpet is the best decision you can make. Call us today for a free, in home estimate.

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