Why Have a Professional Clean Your Commercial Carpets?

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If your business has carpet, chances are your customers see it.  If they see it, they will be judging you and your business by the quality of the clean carpets.  This is why you need to hire Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning for your commercial business.  Here are a few reasons why. Longer carpet life –…

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More To Water Damage Than You May Think

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No one wants to deal with water damage.  The very thought is often enough to send most into eye rolls and fear of what may be.  It is a fact, however, that water damage does happen.  If it happens to you, contact us at Clean Pros Carpet Care for the best water removal and recovery…

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Why Carpet is a Solid Choice for Families

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There are few things in the world harder than parenting. After all, you spend ½ of your life cleaning up after them, and the other ½ worried about them. New parents, however, face even more difficult obstacles with small children. Carpet is the perfect flooring material for young children and families. Keep reading this blog…

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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

deep carpet cleaning

Everyone who has a carpet vacuums it to remove dry soils and maintain it. But when life happens and it’s time for a professional deep detailed cleaning, removing all of the set in soils and removing tough odors, Here are some common cleaning problems Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning sees. OVER WETTING Some people think they…

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Stain Protectants – Are they worth it?

coffee spilled on carpet

The most common name people hear in fabric protectants is Scotchgard. There are other products as well such as Stainguard, Teflon and the like. What they do and how they work is a mystery to many people, so here is a quick primer on these products. Protectants have a special ability to stick to the…

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