deep carpet cleaningEveryone who has a carpet vacuums it to remove dry soils and maintain it. But when life happens and it’s time for a professional deep detailed cleaning, removing all of the set in soils and removing tough odors, 

Here are some common cleaning problems Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning sees.


Some people think they can just shampoo the carpet and then run the same machine over it to remove the water. Sure you could rent a machine from a home store but what these machines will not do is remove enough of the moisture. Water sinks deep into the carpet. The store-rental machine is not powerful enough to pull water from the base of the carpet. Store also do not clean the machines after each use so who knows what kind of germs and bacteria you’re introducing into your home.

That leftover water is enough for mold and mildew to set up. In addition to causing allergy problems and foul smells, these molds can destroy your carpet. If you do this often enough, the water can even seep down and allow mold to start growing in the subfloor. Then you are really looking at a repair expense.

Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning has truck-mounted equipment that pulls out so much water that mold and mildew don’t have enough moisture to start growing.


Ripples are most often cause by incorrect carpet installation. The carpet is not stretched properly. If the carpet is right on the border of being stretched enough and not stretched enough, then a deep carpet cleaning can cause rippling. Clean Pros knows how to work around carpet that’s not installed exactly right to prevent rippling.

If we see rippling beginning, we’ll tell you. Then you can decide what to do about it.


Carpet Browning turns a carpet brown or yellow. Some stains can also cause discoloration, but this is not the same thing.

Carpet browning is caused by wicking. It’s caused when the carpet gets wet. Moisture seeps to the bottom of the carpet and then migrates back up, taking stains with it. Sometimes those stains are found in the carpet backing and sometimes it is stains that were never properly removed. Either way, the problem is caused by improper cleaning.

Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning can stop carpet browning and in some cases reverse the discoloration.

If you are experiencing these problems or you’re worried your carpet may being suffering from these, call Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning today for an evaluation.