Carpet Cleaning Corryton TN

If there is carpet in the home, it will have plenty of particles, dust and dirt that will seep into the deep recesses and is corryton tn carpet cleaningtoo difficult to remove with non-commercial equipment.

This is why Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning in Corryton, TN., has the equipment, technicians and cleaning agents to provide a carpet cleaning that restores to a like new condition.

Carpets are incredibly good at camouflaging dirt, dust and other particles. Heavy foot traffic pushes materials deeply into the carpet near the sub floor. This, along with the individual fibers of the carpet, make it almost impossible to remove the offending materials without professional servicing.

Here is what Carpet Pros Carpet Cleaning offers to the valued customer.


Contact us. One of our professionally trained service technicians will come at a scheduled time to provide a pre inspection service. This includes a detailed visual inspection of the carpet, stain identification, chemical review for sensitivities and preferences, and if necessary, colorfast testing.

Pet stains and deep stains which have set in may require special attention, and these will be addressed with the owner before starting any services.


This will not be a standard vacuuming, but a professional grade vacuum that offers considerably stronger suction than one that is available to the public. The vacuuming will remove any dry and loose materials and will use HEPA filtration to minimize air contamination. This will include moving furniture to get the areas that have not seen light in some time, but there will still be materials there. The more removed, the better the results!


Pulling out particles is not simple, but with conditioning, the particles are suspended in the chemical and water solution.


Our technicians will come in with powerful commercial equipment that will clean the carpet fully. Powerful water jets blast into the carpet and vacuum suction pull the conditioned materials, water and waste up and out. All that is left behind is clean carpet that has a showroom look.

Upholstery Cleaning Corryton TN

Just because there is furniture there does not mean there is no dust. Clean Pros Carpet will move furniture and get under these places. Particularly delicate pieces, like pianos, will be moved under request of the owner.

Clean Pros Carpet offers the absolute best in customer service and satisfaction. The customer’s satisfaction is the most important element of a clean carpet. Contact us in Corryton TN, and let us provide you with the best in carpet cleaning.

corryton tn carpet cleaningCorryton TN is a small town located about 15 minutes from Knoxville. Located in Corryton is a grade school, a library, a community center and several churches - Like we said, it is a pretty small town. A not so small country music star went to high school here - Kenny Chesney graduated from Gibbs High School in Corryton. Don Jose Mexican Grill is a local favorite in Corryton. Nearby, you can find an Applebee's, Texas Roadhouse and O'Charley's Restaurant and Bar. New to the area? Call Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning for all of your carpet cleaning needs.

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