Disinfecting Hard Surfaces

disinfecting hard surface

With the pandemic continuing, both business owners and homeowners worldwide are paying more attention to keeping things tidy and clean. Therefore, which kinds of hard surfaces may be disinfected?

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Hardwood Flooring

Nothing will add to a business or home’s beauty like the warm, rich tones of hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, all gaps, cracks, or dips may make them hard to get fully clean. If you are interested in disinfecting your inside spaces, you’ll want to ensure the task is being done completely. The powerful disinfectants and state-of-the-art equipment that is used by Clean Pros Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning disinfect and clean hardwood flooring while still being delicate enough to keep them from getting damaged.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Over the last couple of years, vinyl tile has exploded in popularity because it may mimic the appearance of ceramic tile, wood, or stone without the expensive cost related to the real thing. If you have any luxury vinyl tile in your business or home, you ought to know that it may be disinfected just like any of the other types of flooring. All you should do is contact Clean Pros Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning for a free estimate on disinfecting and cleaning for luxury vinyl tile.

Tile Floors and Grout

Tile’s appeal is that it is attractive and durable; but porous grout may be difficult to clean. Not just will our techs deep clean all types of tile, which includes vinyl, ceramic, and stone, they also can get your grout appearing new and disinfect it to destroy harmful microbes. Whether it is a countertop, bathroom tile, or tile floor, we will get it looking bright and thoroughly disinfected.


For the ultimate in luxury and beauty, stone should be the way to go. Quartz, granite, marble, and other kinds of stone are durable and unrivaled in their one-of-a-kind natural patterns. If you need to get your stone countertops, flooring, or bathroom surfaces disinfected and clean, Clean Pros Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning will help! Once our technicians are finished with your stone, it’ll be shining just like the time you installed it, and disinfecting is going to ensure that it is safe for you and your loved ones to prepare or eat food there.

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