wet carpet cleaningAll industries have different opinions on how to do certain things. It is a part of the business world. In the carpet cleaning industry it is the question of which cleaning system is better: wet or dry?

Wet carpet cleaning uses special equipment that is either portable and brought into the home, or the equipment is mounted on a van or truck. Either way, the steam and vacuum system uses hoses to draw dirt and debris into the holding tank.

It is a fact: The choice of commercial carpet cleaning and the majority of home carpet cleaning is wet cleaning. Professionals normally refer to this as hot water extraction or steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning uses a stream of hot cleaning solution and water. The solution is shot into the carpet and fibers to remove debris and is immediately drawn back into the holding tank. For best results, the carpet has been “pre-conditioned,” where the carpet is physically moved around followed by a quick rinse.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both portable and truck mounted systems. A truck system can provide more heat, suction and a quicker drying time. The portable system can reach into areas of the home or business that a truck system cannot. Regardless of the way it is done, hot water systems are the best possible choice.

Hot water extraction gives the home owner the best possible results – high debris removal and low chemical cost. This advantage is passed to the consumer. Carpet manufacturers also see hot water extraction as the most efficient for carpets and it is often recommended for warranty protection.

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