myths about allergiesWhat do shrimp, cats, peanuts and mushrooms all have in common? They are all allergens, and for many millions of people, the source of extreme discomfort and in extreme cases, serious medical emergencies. Many people think they know about what does and does not constitute an allergy, but most are not correct. Here are a few myths and facts about allergies.

Myth 1 – Allergies can go away after a time.
Fact – This may be grounded in truth. Some allergies, such as pollen, come and go. As children mature into adulthood, many allergies go away. Some people do not suffer allergies until later in life. Regardless, an allergic reaction is your body’s immune system going into overdrive as a reaction to the allergen.

Myth 2 – Houseplants have allergens.
Fact – Pollen is certainly an allergen, but the average houseplant is not a culprit. If anything, houseplants improve indoor air quality. Plant allergens come from trees, weeds and grasses.

Myth 3 – People with allergies are better off without carpet in the home.
Fact – There is zero scientific evidence to support an increase of allergic reactions. One study conducted in Sweden found a positive correlation between carpet and allergy sufferers. The more people who changed from carpet to a different type of flooring saw a rise in allergic reactions.

Myth 4 – A vacuum with HEPA filter is sufficient
Fact – A HEPA filter helps, but vacuuming with increased frequency is the best thing to do. A vacuum that will reduce allergy symptoms needs to do two things: collect the allergens and contain them until disposed of properly.

Myth 5 – Dog/Cat hair are allergens.
Fact – If hair is a problem, shave your pet and life should be grand. The problem comes from proteins in secretions from dander, saliva proteins from self-grooming and urine from rodents. The best way to combat this is to keep the pets off the bed, regular bed sheet washes and a quality OTC medication for symptoms.

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