Many people are hesitant to have their carpets cleaned by a professional. They feel that it is an unnecessary expense. carpet-cleaning-costThey may feel that it is too expensive. Many also think that it is a waste of time. They might think they shouldn’t bother having the service performed because their carpets will just get dirty again in a few months. They figure what’s the point of having to spend the money on carpet cleaning just to have them cleaned again in a short period of time.

However, there are many benefits to having your carpets cleaned professionally. It removes allergens that can cause potential health problems to you and your family. It is more effective than vacuuming. It removes more dirt and germs than home carpet cleaning machines. It also preserves the life of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Prevents Mold Growth

Mold is a toxic substance. Damp and dirty carpets are a breeding ground for mold. When carpets get wet and do not dry properly, it is very easy for mold to grow in them. Mold is often undetected in carpets until it is too late. Professional carpet cleaners have special machines and tools that aid in drying your carpets quickly. Therefore, there is a lower chance of mold growth then not getting your carpets cleaned professionally. In addition, they use less water than home carpet cleaning machines which may cause carpets to take several hours to completely can dry.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Removes Dust Mites

When you vacuum your carpets it is often difficult to remove all of the dust mite particles that are deep down in the carpet fibers. Because of this, they can remain in the carpet and be buried deep down with foot traffic. Professional carpet cleaners use high-temperature steam that can kill dust mites. The dust mites are then removed when the water is sucked back up into the machine.

Carpet Cleaning Helps to Remove Allergens

Even though many vacuums have allergen filters, they do not always remove all of the allergens that may be deep in your carpet. Also, many of the solutions that you can purchase for home carpet cleaning machines claim that they eliminate and prevent allergens. This is not always the case. They may remove some allergens, but they do not get carpets completely clean in order to remove all of them.

This is why it is a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets. They have commercial grade solutions and machines that will remove any potentially hazardous germs and allergens that are left behind by vacuums and home carpet cleaning machines.

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