Is Your Carpet Shedding? How to Prevent It?

carpet sheddingFor some homeowners, carpet shedding is a severe issue. Once you are enjoying your house and carpeting, you should not have to be concerned with it leaving fibers behind on your shoes or clothing. If you are noticing carpet shedding, there are options to consider. Here’s a closer look into why carpets occasionally shed and what to do to stop it.

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Carpet shedding: When is it normal and when is it time for concern?

When you get new carpets installed, a little shedding is normal. Cut pile carpets which have spun yarns usually shed, as will shag and wool carpet. Although shedding might be an annoyance, if the carpet is brand-new, this early carpet shedding will not impact its overall look and performance. It is just something normal which occurs with new rugs or carpets. The shedding will decrease and stop altogether after the initial couple of months that you get the carpet in your house.

If carpet shedding continues after the initial couple of months of owning your carpet, it might be an issue with the fibers themselves. In that event, discuss your concerns with the manufacturer. In addition, if you glide your hands across the carpet and see fibers which stick up higher than other ones, and if these are loose once you pull at them, you might have problematic carpet shedding.

Maintain carpet to keep it from shedding

What do you do if you’re concerned with carpet shedding? First off, when investing in your carpet, be certain that you select quality products. But if you already have carpeting and want to keep it well-maintained to prevent shedding in the future, here is what you should do:

• Regularly and lightly vacuum.
• Vacuum along with the grain.
• Do not put the vacuum on the setting nearest to the floor.
• Place a throw rug on top of the carpet if you have an area of high traffic that tends to be at higher risk of shedding.
• Get routine expert carpet cleaning that addresses loose fibers and deep-down dirt.

While there might not be a lot you can do to keep your carpet from shedding once you initially install it, it’s possible to preserve the integrity of your carpet with good care.

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