quality carpetToday’s high quality carpet represents some of the best in technological advancement.  So good in fact, that with basic care, your carpet can look as good as new for years.

This does not mean you will never need professional services.  A bit of care on the front end will help take care of your carpet for a long time.  Here are a few things to help keep a carpet in top shape.

1. Vacuum regularly – Cheap vacuums from a big box store will not provide you with the results you want.  Invest in a good vacuum on the front end; you will appreciate it in the long run.  Vacuum regularly, at least once a week, and take the time to do it well.

2. Get to spills fast – A spill on the carpet does not need to sit longer than necessary.  Spills are a part of life, particularly if you have children.  A stain will set fast and attract dirt and other debris.

3. Don’t rush – It is tempting to just quickly rub the spill out and move on.  Remember, a spill will sink to the sub carpet area.  Take the time to do this right the first time.  You will be able to get to the spill before it becomes a stain.

4. Get at the spill from all directions – Rub the stain in several ways with circles, straight lines and change directions constantly.  Go outside the apparently affect area as well to be sure to get the whole spill.

5. Blot dry – A clean towel will help get the remaining moisture up.  Water will attract dirt and debris like any liquid, so blotting for a few seconds is a good idea.

If you encounter a particularly difficult spot or need some help getting your carpets in top shape for any reason, give us a call.  Our professional technicians have the skills and equipment to get the carpet looking good in short order.

Call the carpet cleaning professionals at Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning today (865) 320-0533 to schedule your next carpet cleaning and enjoy all the benefits that come with clean and sanitized carpets.