No one wants to deal with water damage.  The very thought is often enough to send most into eye rolls and fear of what may be.  It is a fact, however, that water damage does happen.  If it happens to you, contact us at Clean Pros Carpet Care for the best water removal and recovery in the industry.  We will work tirelessly to get your home back running correctly and taking the chaos of water damage out.

There are actually three categories of water damage.  Here they are in least to most destructive.

1 – This water is often sanitary and has no risk of exposure to family and pets.  This does not mean it will stay this way, so astute attention is needed and promptly.

2 – This has some contamination in the water and may cause some illness if ingested.  There may be some pathogens in the water as well as some bacteria.

3 – This is very dangerous.  There is pathogens, bacteria and toxins in the water which can cause serious health issues.

Water damage falls into four categories.

1 – Least amount of water and is often in a small area of the home.  It will be bigger than a spill from a cup, for example.  It will be easy to clean.

2 – More water, often absorbed into the carpet and subfloor.  This will often cover an entire room and will wick up the walls approximately 18 inches.

3 – Water from overhead, usually from an air conditioner system or major roof leak.  Walls and carpet are equally effected by the damage.

4 – Substantial damage.  This is a flooded basement sort of problem.  Professional equipment is necessary to pump water out of the home and dry hard surfaces like concrete.

It is never a hope that anyone has water damage, but if you do have water damage of any level or category, call us at Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning.  We have the skills and expertise to take out the water and minimize the damage to the home with a system that will get your life back on track in no time.