When you want residential cleaning done and want to hire a good company to do this for you, there are some important questions that you need to be sure and ask each company before you decide to hire them. These questions will help you find a reputable company that will do a good job for you.

The following are the most important questions to ask every cleaning company before deciding who to hire.

1. How long have they been in business? This is important because you want to ensure that you are hiring a company that has the experience to do a good job for you.

2. How many homes do they currently clean and how many employees do they have? These are two important questions because you want to make sure they have the time to clean your house right and the staff to get it done on time.

3. Does the company provide workers compensation for their employees? This is important in case any employee of the company gets injured in your home so you don’t end up with someone trying to make you pay for it.

4. Does the company provide insurance for theft or other damages and other problems that can happen with their employees in your home? This is important because you want to make sure you are well covered in case something does happen while the cleaners are there.

5. Have them describe their hiring process? This is important because you want to ensure that the company does background checks on their employees instead of just hiring anyone that walks in their doors that they are not sure can be trusted.

6. What are their policy for cancellations and how much notice will they need? You need to know this just in case you ever have to cancel.

7. What do you need to do with your pets? This is important for your pet’s sake and for the employee’s safety.

8. What are the prices they charge and the cleaning options they provide? This is very important for you to know what price you will be paying and so you know what cleaning they will be able to do for you.

Now that you have these questions in mind, you need to come up with any other questions you can think of and then take time to contact different cleaning companies to help you find the right one to hire.

This will take time, but it will ensure that you find a good company that will do what they promise to and leave you with a clean home.