Carpet Cleaning Care KnoxvilleThere are few things in the world harder than parenting. After all, you spend ½ of your life cleaning up after them, and the other ½ worried about them. New parents, however, face even more difficult obstacles with small children. Carpet is the perfect flooring material for young children and families. Keep reading this blog to see why it is such a sound decision.

Easy to walk

Learning to walk is a difficult task, but we all do it eventually. Carpet’s friction makes walking easy, especially in socks and soft bottom shoes. Tile and wood can be slippery even for adults and older children, so it is worse for a toddler. With carpet, kids can play, walk and run with a minimal risk of slip and fall. The inevitable fall will be cushioned with the carpet’s padding above the subfloor.


The worst part of cold mornings in February is getting up. Tile and hardwood are cold to the bare foot, and this makes it even worse. Kids are more temperature sensitive than adults. Carpet holds heat well and makes those early a.m. trips to the bathroom or the kitchen a bit less rough on everyone involved.

Stain resistance

Today’s carpet is nothing like the carpet of the past. Most carpet leaves the factory with a stain resistance coating designed to last. The fibers themselves have been manufactured to withstand a degree of staining as well. This means your carpet will hold its color and keep clean when accidents happen. This means with regular, scheduled carpet cleaning care, your carpet will keep its luster for many years of children.

We at Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning have families and are in a family oriented business. This is why each customer receives the same care and attention to detail as the last. Contact us; we look forward to working with you!

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