If your business has carpet, chances are your customers see it.  If they see it, they will be judging you and your business by the quality of the clean carpets.  This is why you need to hire Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning for your commercial business.  Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Longer carpet life – Carpet does not last forever. Heavy traffic will wear down your carpet over time. We keep your carpet lasting longer, by over 20 percent longer, with regular cleaning.
  2. In and out – We come; we clean; we leave. We can even work after your regular hours so customers do not see us working.  Customers only know your carpet is cleaned regularly.
  3. Cost – We do the work so you don’t have to. We offer competitive rates and work with you and your budget to provide the best possible solutions to all of your cleaning needs.  We also have the top of the line equipment and knowledge. 
  4. Improved air quality – Pollen season is hard and heavy. Don’t you want to breathe easier literally and figuratively?  We can make it happen.
  5. Licensed, insured bonded – If something goes wrong, we are covered so you don’t have to be.
  6. Responsible – We take pride in what we do. Our employees take pride in their work.  You can take pride that your customers are happy.
  7. Fast drying –Once we are done restoring the beauty of your home or office your floors will be dry within an 1-4 hours. No moisture remains when everyone comes in the next day.
  8. Dependable – We can work on a schedule you establish and will be there when we say we will.
  9. Accountable – If you are not happy, we will work with you until you are 100 percent satisfied and will keep it that way.
  10. Fast – We don’t waste your time. We are thorough yet efficient so you can get back to a clean healthy home.

Contact us at Clean Pros Carpet Cleaning.  We welcome new clients, referrals and an opportunity to be your ally in carpet cleaning.